You’ve Got Next!

Do You Really Want A Change Flyer EnlargedSometimes we may find ourselves in a place that is dark, that is difficult, that is dangerous – and we feel helpless and all alone. If we’re there for an extended period of time, we become use to being in that place and we lose our sense of expectancy. Just because we’re in a place that we think God would never be doesn’t mean He won’t arrive to meet us for His divine appointment.

It’s interesting that when Jesus went up to Jerusalem, He didn’t go to the place where Productivity was displayed (The Sheep Market), He went to the place where Problems where displayed (Bethesda). John 5:1-2 These 2 places were adjacent in location, but miles apart in the audiences that they attracted. We tend to gravitate towards what we are focused on. Be encouraged… Know that many may be blessed by your productivity, while Jesus is beckoned by your problem. He knows exactly where you are; precisely how you are – and He’s intentionally coming to bring change! God has scheduled an appointment for you – and You’ve Got Next!!! The question He has for you is, “Do You Really Want A Change?”

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