“Your Turnaround Is Coming!”

Your Turnaround Is Coming Flyer


Through The Word Monday Meditation:

“Your Turnaround Is Coming!”

Scripture Focus: Luke 7:11-15

  1. Just because our end has been publicly declared doesn’t mean that we are finished.
  2. We must know with an unwavering faith that God created us on purpose for purpose!
  3. Jesus is moved with compassion and acknowledges our losses.
  4. There are some who need us, although they have given up on us and with great sorrow lead the procession that carries us out.
  5. When Jesus gives the command, ‘Do not weep’ trust that He has planned a miraculous resurrection!
  6. God has the power to stop what others have started with one touch.
  7. Sometimes God will speak directly to us in a public setting without calling us by name.
  8. We must recognize the call and respond to the command if we want to embrace our turnaround.
  9. We publicize the miracle of our turnaround the moment we begin to speak.
  10. It doesn’t matter who or how many times people have given up on us; God can turn things around.

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