Movie Moment: The Preacher’s Son

  “I am that wayward child.” – 1st Lady Charlene Wilson in The Preacher’s Son At the beginning of this movie, we seem to see a staunch, regimented, overly controlling woman who is quick to say what she’s thinking without considering the feelings of others.  … Continue reading

Lady AJP Traveled to “Women of Power” Fellowship

This Saturday afternoon gathering was all about ‘The Power of Praise’ and Lady Angelia had the privilege of teaching out of Matthew 15:21-28 and encouraging the powerful women who attended to “Activate The ‘S’ Clause” and claim what God has provided!  Here is an excerpt … Continue reading

Love, Apparent; Love Desired!

Before Bishop TD Jakes wrote about it, Joseph lived it! By the time Joseph was born, Jacob already had 10 sons. These sons had the benefit of his provision and his protection from birth. Sometime after Joseph’s birth, there was a change that occurred. After watching … Continue reading

Love & Hate Work Together!

A great love provided Joseph with many valuable things. Honor established through the offering of a distinguishing coat was the tangible symbol that amongst his brothers, he was set apart. Jacob’s behaviors continually proclaimed that he favored Joseph above his other sons. The sonship of … Continue reading

Celebrate Your Pit Seasons!

Although their motives are to harm you, those who throw you into the pit are actually propelling you into your destiny. Joseph’s dream was his initiation into God’s purpose for his life. I’m sure that when he shared the dream with his brothers … Continue reading