The ‘Amour-All’ Blog

We get dressed every day.  Some of us dress multiple times throughout the day. But with all of the money and time that is invested in physical coverings, the most important wardrobe is one that cannot be bought, is never hung in a closet, will never be sent to the cleaners and is the only outfit that ‘looks great’ on everyone who wears it. The Armor of God – the most powerful outfit we could ever wear – is gifted to us by God, but it is garnered (harvested) by us through God: God provides His armor, but we can only access it through an intimate and personal relationship with Him!

This blog is dedicated to sharing knowledge, wisdom and understanding about The Armor of God so we can know what it is comprised of, understand the power and purpose of each part, and grasp how we utilize each component to conquer the enemy and fulfill God’s purpose.

I’m Amour-All’d!!!

God has provided us with a divine covering that never fails – His Armor!!! In Paul’s letter to the Church at Ephesus (Ephesians 6:10-13), he reveals the key to successfully enduring Continue reading “I’m Amour-All’d!!!” »