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Prayer: God’s Favor

“Dear Lord, thank You for Your favor, which is greater than any open door man could ever offer us. We bless You and honor You for Your hand covering us, Your word keeping us, Your heart leading us. There is none above You and we celebrate You as the Omnipotent One Who is all powerful, the Omniscient One Who knows all things, the Omni-Present One Who is always present.  Your favor is a constant companion, Your glory resting in us and shining through us always.  We thank You, Lord, that every circumstance we face is met with Your favor; every situation we encounter experiences Your favor – we are so grateful to always have the benefit of Your favor.  God, we thank You for blessing us with Your divine kindness, showering us with Your love as no one else can.  We thank You for looking beyond our faults, our shortcomings, our deficiencies, our wrong choices and our bad behavior and blessing us in spite of us.  Continue reading “Prayer: God’s Favor” »

Prayer: Teachable Spirit


“Dear Lord, thank You for being the Ultimate Teacher. There is no one wiser than You; there is no one as compassionate as You. We bless You, God, for giving us access to Your divine wisdom. We thank You for giving us Your Holy Spirit to remind us of all that You have said. Thank You, Lord for continuing to impart Your knowledge and understanding. Show us, Lord, how to slow down enough to hear Your voice, how to focus clearly so we can see Your hand, how to recognize Your Spirit at work. We thank You, Lord, for all of the ways that You use to speak to us.  We bless You for every vessel that You have anointed to speak Your word and to declare Your purpose.  We celebrate the power of Your Holy Spirit Who guides us in all things, and reminds us of all that You have spoken. Thank You, Lord, for opening our ears to hear with clarity and our hearts to receive with understanding. We bless You, God, for the gift of Your Holy Spirit, Who You have given to us according to Your word in John 14:26.  We honor You, God, for every teachable moment; we bless You for every teaching vessel; we praise You for every lesson taught.  We magnify and glorify You, Lord God, in Jesus’ Name as we pray, Amen!”

Prayer: God’s Power

“Dear Lobible-gods-powerrd, we thank You for providing Your word to us as a conduit to Your power. We recognize You as The Omnipotent God and celebrate Your sovereignty.  There is no one more capable than You, no one more able than You, no one as wise as You and we bless You for blessing us with access to You and to Your divine power.  Thank You, Lord, for the plan that You’ve designed and the purpose that You’ve ordained concerning each and every one of us. We thank You for allowing us to partner with You in what You are doing in the earth.  Lord, help us to hear Your Word, to embrace Your Word, to speak Your Word and to walk out Your Word in everything that we encounter. Bless You, God, for giving us more than we can ask, for giving us better than we can think, for giving us greater than we could ever imagine according to Ephesians 3:20. We honor You, God, for hearing our hearts desires and fulfilling Your purpose according to Your will for our lives.  Lord, we thank You for keeping our connection to You strong. We bless You for enabling us through Your word. Thank You, Lord, for Your power working in us, through us and for us. We thank You as we praise You, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

Prayer: Shepherding Pastors

Shepherd and Sheep“Dear Lord, Thank You for giving us pastors who love You genuinely, who want what You desire, who love like You love.  Thank You for equipping them with hearts to serve You through serving Your people.  We honor You, Lord, for every gift that You’ve invested in them, and for the purpose that You designed them for before the foundations of the earth.  We celebrate Your will being accomplished in them and Your glory being magnified through them.  We bless You, God, for their humility and for their tenacity; we bless You for the passion that drives them to continue walking with You even when the road becomes rough.  Thank You, Lord, for protecting them and providing for them, thank You that as they shepherd Your sheep, that you manifest Yourself as their Great Shepherd.  We are so grateful, Lord, for the knowledge and understanding that they get from You because of their personal and intimate relationship with You.  We thank You for feeding them Your word and giving them Divine revelation, so they in turn can feed us according to Your heart.  We honor You for the blessing of knowledge and understanding that You’ve released to us through Jeremiah 3:15.  We thank You, Lord, for the wonderful gift You’ve given us called ‘Pastor’.  We bless You as we thank You in Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

Prayer: Fortified Focus

focus red word and conceptual target with arrow reflect on white background

“Dear Lord, thank You for opening the lines of communication between us and desiring to have an intimate and personal relationship with us.  We are grateful, Lord, for every opportunity to spend time with You and learn of You.  Lord God, we recognize You as the Sovereign Lord and we ask that You empower us with clarity so that we will know Your voice when You speak and with willing hearts consistently seek You.  We understand, Lord, that Your Kingdom operates very differently from the kingdoms of this world and what may naturally feel right to us is usually outside of Your purpose and contrary to Your character. Lord, we honor Christ as The Way, The Truth and The Life – We yield to Him and accept His gift of righteousness.  Gracious Lord, we are so thankful for Your hand of provision. Thank You, Lord, for adding to us, increasing us, multiplying us, accelerating us! We celebrate You as our greatest blessing, Lord; We understand that according to Your word in Matthew 6:33, when we intentionally and purposefully seek after You, You lovingly add all things to us.  Lord God, help us to dismiss all distractions.  Thank You, Lord, for fortifying our focus to keep the first thing first.  In Jesus’ Name, we bless You as we pray, Amen!”