Broken Pieces!

Broken Pieces Flyer


Through The Word Monday Meditation:  

     “The Blessing Of Broken Pieces!”

Scripture Focus:  Acts 27:41-44

  1. When we relinquish control of our lives during a storm, we may feel as if we’re racing out of control.
  2. A word from God will keep us once we’ve committed to fully relying on Him to direct us.
  3. As we go through storms, we may find that we are faith-filled while those around us are hopeless.
  4. Many will benefit from the word you received that they didn’t hear.
  5. We have an assignment to know God has a plan and then to proclaim His promise to those who are hopeless.
  6. Raging storms will drive us to ‘The Breaking Place’, but they will not break us!
  7. We have been ordained by God to survive loss.
  8. Our future is immovable; God processes us so our past won’t hinder our progress to our future or limit our power in our future.
  9. We must trust that God allows storms only to develop us, not to destroy us.
  10. God intends for our focus to be our immovable future and our pasts to be rendered powerless over us.
  11. God has ordained that we survive the storm, yet there are those who desire our death in the midst of the storm.
  12. God has ordained for us to reach His purpose; we shall survive!
  13. The Breaking Place releases us from the familiar place into the unfamiliar place.
  14. God will transform the broken pieces in our lives into blessings that will empower us to maneuver through unfamiliar places and reach our assigned place of restoration.


“Dear Lord, we honor Your Name, we accept Your Word and fully embrace Your plan for our lives.  Lord, thank You for empowering us to make it through the storms of life and thank You for setting us up to walk into the purpose You ordained for us.  Thank You, Lord for reminding us that storms are designed to develop us, not to destroy us.  We bless You, God for choosing us to be worthy vessels to proclaim what You have spoken so others who stand with us in the storm can also be saved through Your Word.  Thank You, Lord for turning the broken things in our lives into blessings. In Jesus’ Name, we bless You as we pray, Amen.”


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