Want Change?

Do You Really Want A Change Flyer Enlarged


Through The Word Monday Meditation:  

     “Do You Really Want A Change?”   

Scripture Focus: John 5:2-9

1. The pool called Bethesda was a place of inability and limitations.
2. 4 Elements at The Pool: Environment of Impotency; Atmosphere of Expectancy; Attitude of Dependency; Challenge to Normalcy.
3. Bethesda means ‘House of Pity’ or ‘House of Mercy’.
4. There are some places where our limitations will qualify us for acceptance.
5. Having a limitation doesn’t have to negate us from having an expectation.
6. Jesus has the ability to see us even in the midst of the crowd.
7. The length of time we’ve struggled should never make us comfortable with our limitations or push us to relinquish our faith.
8. When we have no help, we will dismiss the Attitude of Dependency; We won’t quit!
9. When The Divine Healer is talking with us, recognize Who we are talking with.
10. Repeated failures don’t have to motivate us to change our faith stance.
11. We must listen closely to hear and move quickly to obey the instruction God has for us.
12. God can heal us without following the pattern of previous miracles.
13. God wants us to be an active participant in our restoration – He’ll set us up to do what we’ve never done before!
14. Sometimes God is just waiting on us – when we change our posture, He will change our circumstance.

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