Free In The Furnace!

Fiery Furnace Title Page


Through The Word Monday Meditation:

     “Free In The Furnace!”

Scripture Focus:  Daniel 3:19-27

1.   Taking a stand for God may put you out of favor with man.
2.   The king thought he controlled the place of punishment.
3.   The king thought he controlled the people executing punishment.
4.   The king thought he controlled the position of those being punished.
5.   The executers became the executed.
6.   Our Sovereign God is ALWAYS in control.
7.   Their killing fire became their freeing fire.
8.   You can have Peace & Fellowship with God in the fire.
9.   Fire is our friend, not our foe.
10. The one who sends us in the fire will be compelled to call us out of it.
11. Free in the furnace is our testimony of God’s greatness!



“Dear Lord, we thank You for allowing us to be Your servants as we serve others.  We are so grateful for all of the open doors that You put before us and the opportunities You provide us to show others Who You are.  God, thank You for giving us the courage to stand when tests and trials come our way.  Thank You for giving us peace to endure whatever may confront us.  Thank You, Lord, for Your protection when we are condemned to the fire and for Your covering when we are cast into the fire.  Thank You, Lord for Your presence in the fire and thank You for giving us peace. In Jesus’ Name, we bless You as we pray, Amen.”

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