Someone’s Talking!

Someones Talking About You


Through The Word Monday Meditation:

     “Someone Is Talking About You!”

Focus Scripture:  2 Kings 8:1-6

  1. Faith tested positions you to be rewarded and advances you in your faith walk.
  2. Some faith tests will require you to leave what you have and what you know.
  3. Remember that when God sets a thing, He’s already established its end.
  4. A faith test will challenge you to do the opposite of your natural tendencies.
  5. When you know and trust God, faith will motivate unquestioning obedience.
  6. Trust God’s plan in your present to see you into your future.
  7. Never forgot that God is in control and remember the word that He’s given you.
  8. Respecting process will provide you with additional power.
  9. Your earlier tests are potential testimonies in someone else’s mouth.
  10. Your next restoration may be set up because someone is talking about you.
  11. Our steadfastness during a test allows God’s glory to be revealed through us.
  12. Confirming your last God-move could be the precursor to your next God-move.
  13. Full restoration includes the return of what you’ve lost and the benefits accrued while it was out of your hands.
  14. Trust God, follow His word and watch Him orchestrate all of your restorations with divine precision.


“God, we thank You for including us in Your plan and for establishing Your purpose for us.  Thank You Lord for designing our paths allowing us to see Your mighty Hand at work, to help us grow in faith and allow others to be introduced to You.  We thank You, Lord for creating testimonies in us and allocating a portion of Your glory to be revealed through our lives.  Thank You for establishing the boundaries of our tests and appointing the time for our tests to be completed.  And Thank You, Lord, for releasing restoration in our lives and causing all to see that You are Lord in our lives.   In Jesus’ Name, we bless You and thank You as we pray, Amen.”

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