Blessing Valley!

Valley Flyer


Through The Word Monday Meditation:  

     “There Is A Valley Called Blessing!”

Scripture Focus: 2 Chronicles 20:20-27

  1. Rising above fear to go into the wilderness towards enemies at the direction of God is a true act of faith.
  2. Believing God will establish us; believing His prophets will prosper us.
  3. When God takes the responsibility for a fight, He only requires that we show up at the place of battle, faithfully stand, and see His power at work.
  4. Some battles are ours, some battles are God’s.
  5. Our worship becomes our warfare when we focus on our God and have no fear of our enemies.
  6. Worship will change our perspective and change our enemies’ status.
  7. The result of worship – sweatless victory, sets us up to receive the rewards of war – great spoils!
  8. Sometimes God will allow our enemies to gather and come against us to position them deliver our blessing!
  9. The valley can become a place where we bless God, and a place where God blesses us.

PRAYER:   Dear Lord, thank You for giving us the desire to seek Your face when we are confronted with opposition.  Thank You, Lord, for empowering us to trust You and to not be fearful of any of our enemies.  Bless You, God for giving us a Divine strategy for confronting our enemies.  And we bless You, Lord, for teaching us to keep our focus on You while we stand on the battlefield.  We honor You, God for giving us front row seats to witness Your salvation and we celebrate the sweatless victory that You give us through worshiping You.  Thank you, Lord for Your mercy that assigned such a great reward, and thank You for Your grace that empowers us to receive it as we can handle it.  We thank You for all of the valleys in our lives, God, but we celebrate that special Valley of  Berachah – The Valley called Blessings – the place of mutual blessings.  Thank You, Lord, for bringing us to this special place.  In Jesus’ Name, we bless You as we pray, Amen.

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