Shepherd’s Quotes

We are truly Experiencing God #AtTheWillow under the leadership of  Pastor Henrico White. Sermons are available in their entirety in the worship archives on the ministry website – Weeping Willow AME Zion Church. Do you want to Experience The Word; Experience The Worship; Experience The Witness??? Here’s your invitation to join us at 2220 Milton Road, Charlotte, NC  28215 on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am and/or 10:30 am.  Below are some golden nuggets from the spiritual gourmet  meals we receive at every worship encounter.  Bon Appetite!!!

Sermon: “Only Believe!” from Mark 5:35-36  “God is not finished with you! Allow Him to edit out the periods that people have assigned to your life and replace them with commas!  Jesus is not deterred by the negative word!”

Sermon: “A Necessary Interruption!” from Mark 5:24-28  “You’re not the only one experiencing interruptions.  Just because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.  In order to get to hope, one has to interrupt the One Who can help.”

Sermon: “What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do!” from Mark 5:35-36  “There are some things that are not moved by who you are or what you have.  Interruptions are a part of life that happen because you are not the only one with issues, but know that those interruptions won’t stop what God is doing for you.”

Sermon: “I Won’t Let Go Until You Bless Me!” from Genesis 32:26  “People with passion will desperately pursue what the educated tell them can’t be caught!”

Sermon: “Count It All Joy!” from James 1:2-4  “Our development can be like a Krispy Kreme donut.  To be enjoyed for its goodness, it endures a blast of air, elevation into heat and humidity, submersion into hot oil, flipping, and a trip through cascading hot icing. It goes through much to get to the place where it can be enjoyed; but people see the end result, not the hardness of the process that created it.”

Sermon: “Shout It Down!” from Joshua 6:20  “Conquering Jericho comes by obedience to God, not by the strength of man.  Faith HEARS – Discount other voices; Faith HEEDS – Obey God even when it doesn’t make sense; Faith positions us to HAVE what God said is ours!”

Sermon: “Message From An Unexpectant Mother!” from Luke 1:34, 35  “God wants to do something through you that’s bigger than your eyes can see – Your choice is between what makes sense and what God said!”

Sermon: “Preparing For Pentecost!” from Acts 2:1-19  “Don’t be stuck in the place called ‘Average’ – between Calvary (Pardon) and Pentecost (Power)! God wants us to GET TOGETHER (in one place), GET IT TOGETHER (with one accord), and TOGETHER, GET IT DONE! We are empowered to do!!!”

Sermon: “Why Are You Afraid?” from Matthew 8:23-27     “OBEDIENCE doesn’t always isolate us From A Storm, but OBEDIENCE will always protect us In A Storm!”  

Sermon: “There’s A Blessing In The Storm!” from Matthew 14:23-38     “Just because the storm is real doesn’t mean that it has authority – God is in charge of your blessing AND He is in charge of your storm.”

Sermon: “Even In The Valley!” from Psalm 23:4     “The Shepherd does not observe us from a distance; He is with us in the valley! Don’t focus on the valley, focus on the Shepherd!!”

Sermon: “More Foolish Than This!” from 2 Samuel 6:21-22     “Don’t be so connected to a rejected past that you can’t embrace the promised future.”

Sermon: “Go There!” from 1 Kings 17:4, 9     “Sometimes God has to mess up our ‘Here’ to get us to go to our ‘There’!”

Sermon: “Breakthrough Praise!” from 2 Chronicles 20:21     “Don’t let our hurts hurt us – Press our way through to our breakthrough!  When we put our Praise in front of our Strength, God will increase our strength with His Strength!”

Sermon: “Stories In The Stones!” from Joshua 4:8     “God allows our problem to be magnified so He can be glorified!”

Sermon: “When Jesus Shows Up!” from John 20:1-20     “Just because Jesus is quiet doesn’t mean that He has quit!”

Sermon: “The Ride Of A Lifetime!” from Luke 19:28-32      “Jesus picked up admirers along the way – Admirers will go along with us as long as it doesn’t cost them anything.”

Sermon: “God Is Not Through With You Yet!” from Luke 13:10-17      “The remedy for finding hope above the ruins is in the Action of The Master and the Reaction of the person.”

Sermon: “First Things First!” from Matthew 6:33     “All things come from God.  We are seeking the things of God, but not necessarily seeking the God of the things.”

Sermon: “Throw It Down!” from Exodus 4:1-4     “What we hold in our hands doesn’t have to have a hold on us.”

Sermon: “Messed Up, But In The Master’s Hand!” from Jeremiah 18:1-6     “Although messed up, we still have merit for The Master; although scarred, we still have value!”

Sermon: “Tossing & Turning!” from Job 7:4     “We hold up when situations seem to get the best of us because we recognize that God is in control.”

Sermon: “Dare To Dream!” from Genesis 37:19-20     “Sometimes people fail not because they aimed too high and missed the mark, but because they aimed too low and hit their mark.”

Sermon: “Wanted!” from Luke 22:31-32     “There are 3 types of people in the world: Those who want to Bless You; Those who want to Be You; Those who want to Block You!”

Sermon: “Standing On The Promises Of God!” from Isaiah 43:1-7     “Don’t be anxious about what God has already solved – We have God’s promise that the floods won’t drown us and the fires won’t consume us!”

Sermon: “A Spiritual Inventory!” from Philippians 3:1-14     “Our ‘Problemed Past’ will no longer dictate our ‘Promised Future’!”

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