April 1

V7 1 Thess 2 4


It’s interesting the lengths that one will go to and the things that one will choose to accept and endure just to receive approval from people that they esteem highly. Acceptance and approval are gifts given to us freely when we accept Christ as Lord and Savior and God as our Heavenly Father. We don’t have to work for approval, God grants us His approval and, with that approval, authorizes us to complete His special assignment. Having received the Gospel, we are entrusted with the management of the very thing that we have received: We become divinely-approved stewards of the Gospel.

Knowing that we have been appointed by God and approved by God empowers us to speak to men for God. It’s a pleasure for us to share with others the gift we have freely received; the that has made us free. Our primary focus now is to be a good steward and please Him. We no longer allow our actions to be determined by a need to please men to gain their approval. We no longer allow our esteem for people to determine our behavior or to superced our love of God. We embrace the most valuable approval of all – the approval of God: The One Who loved us to life through the death of His Son and the One Who knows and tests our hearts. We Are God-Approved!

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