February 15

V4 Phil 2 13


Often when we talk about our passions, we discuss our drive; our motivation; our feelings.  When we talk about our accomplishments, we discuss our abilities; our knowledge; our talents.  Our desires to fulfill and our efforts to succeed are conceived in us, but not initiated by us.  Although we habitually lay claim to both our passions and our accomplishments, they are not truly ours:  They are the evidence of God working in us (To Will) and God working through us (To Do).

Our passions are not haphazard and our accomplishments are not happenstance.  Our God-given passions are directly linked to our God-driven efforts – they are con-joined twins that emerge by ‘His good pleasure’.  God divinely imparts a desire for us to accomplish what He has purposed to do through us for His pleasure.  When we operate by His Spirit, it is not by our power, nor by our might that His pleasure is fulfilled: His purpose is motivating us to will; His power is moving us to do.  Our purpose to will and our power to do connect and we passionately accomplish His will for His pleasure.  God receives great pleasure working in us to will and working through us to do.


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