June 1

V11 2 Thess 1 12


God has extended His grace to us.  The magnitude of the grace He gives is in direct proportion to the magnitude of Christ’s Name glorified in us.  The more we suffer, the more we are graced to glorify His Name.  The more we endure, the greater He is revealed through us.  The greater our sacrifice, the greater His glory.  God is so gracious that when we glorify Him, He executes His Law of Reciprocity and causes us to be glorified in Him.  This exaltation takes us higher in God as it draws others to God by bringing Him glory.  As we endure our sufferings allowing Him to be our continued focus, we are not only graced to come through those sufferings, but we are blessed to come to a higher place in Him.  Receiving God’s grace is the key to revealing His glory!

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