January 1

V1 Rom 8 32

We easily recognize that when God gave us His Son, He gave us His very best.  However, with that acknowledgement, we often overlook the truth that God chose not to withhold His only Son.  In choosing not to spare Him, God chose to allow His only Son to leave His side, He chose to allow Him to live as a human, He chose to allow Him to endure the death of the cross.  And His sole purpose for making that choice was so that our sin debt would be paid and we’d be reconciled back to Him.  Man’s selfishness brought us into sin; God’s selflessness bought us out of sin.  God did not spare His own Son, but He gave Him up for us – What an AWESOME GIFT; What an AMAZING GIVER!

The truth that God willing and freely gave up His only Son for us is our confirmation that we are positioned to receive all things freely!  When we receive the Gift of Christ, we receive all that He is.  When we receive Him as God’s Gift to us, we receive every access that Christ has.  When we receive Him as God’s Gift to us, we receive Christ’s entire knowledge base.  All good and perfect gifts come from above because every good and perfect gift comes through the Ultimate Gift that God sent to us from above.  We have freely received Christ, and through Him, we freely receive access to all things!  There is nothing we can’t have, for when we have Christ, we have received access to all!

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