Give A Book Gift This Year!

Are you looking for a great gift idea? Ask The Author Live TeleConference Christian Living Authors have provided both Fiction and Non-Fiction works that make great gifts! Visit Amazon and make your purchase today!! … Continue reading

Praying For His Friendships…

“Dear Lord, we bless You, we praise You, we honor You, we thank You, we celebrate You because You are an awesome God! We bless You for in Your infinite wisdom, God, You have established the plans for our lives. We thank You even now, … Continue reading

April 2015 Ask The Author Guest: Michele Andrea Bowen!

‘Up At The College’ was the Ask The Author Live TeleConference literary focus for April 2015, but our Featured Christian Living Author, Michele Andrea Bowen, has several Christian Fiction works available for you reading pleasure.  From thwarting a land development scheme (Holy Ghost Corner) to … Continue reading