Movie Moment: The Preacher’s Son

  “I am that wayward child.” – 1st Lady Charlene Wilson in The Preacher’s Son At the beginning of this movie, we seem to see a staunch, regimented, overly controlling woman who is quick to say what she’s thinking without considering the feelings of others.  … Continue reading

Love, Apparent; Love Desired!

Before Bishop TD Jakes wrote about it, Joseph lived it! By the time Joseph was born, Jacob already had 10 sons. These sons had the benefit of his provision and his protection from birth. Sometime after Joseph’s birth, there was a change that occurred. After watching … Continue reading

We’re Celebrating Our 1st 1,000!!!

  Lady Angelia Writes has 1,000 Facebook Fan Page Likes!!! To celebrate, I’m giving away an autographed copy of “Operating In The Light!” If you don’t have … Continue reading

Strengthened In Time!

After thinking about some of the challenges I have endured, I have come to the conclusion that I am about to reap a lot of ‘bamboo harvests’.  No, I’m not a bamboo farmer, not literally… but there are seeds that I’ve sown years ago that … Continue reading

Stolen Harvests!

Quote from “Operating In The Light: Power Of The Process Preceding The Performance Of Purpose”! “The Midianites were so successful in their assignment that the Israelites were living in poverty. The Israelites continued to act out the Law of Reciprocity despite the fact that their … Continue reading