Ready… Set… RUN!!!

Christmas morning, when I was a child, was a morning like none other.  No one had to shake the sheets to get us up… We were up long before our parents! No one pleaded with us to open our gifts – we would carefully and … Continue reading

I’ve Seen This Before!

  I remember the first time I rode the ‘Shockwave’ rollercoaster at Kings Dominion.  I’d traveled across state lines with the teen-aged children of 2 friends so I could fully enjoy the experience. (No one my age wanted THAT Experience!) I remember getting there and the … Continue reading

Lady AJP Ministries Launch Reception

[huge_it_slider id=”31″]  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon on December 13th as friends gathered to witness and celebrate the official launch of Lady AJP Ministries.  The 2 hour floating reception engaged attendees in an atmosphere of elegance. From satin to crystal, the décor was simple, crisp, … Continue reading

“You Can Make It!”

God proclaimed that His promises are Yes and Amen and His purposes are fulfilled – His word never returns back to Him void; it ALWAYS accomplishes His intent.  With a God-guarantee, we often start a journey with a great deal of vigor.  We embrace what God has … Continue reading