open bibleLady AJP Ministries is committed to Christian Education through personal and corporate Bible study.  God blessed us with a manual that gives us the instructions we need for victorious Kingdom living and successful Kingdom building.  Studying God’s word positions us to apply Godly principles to our everyday lives.  Learning what God says about us and about His purpose for us, encourages us to press towards the prize and empowers us to be steadfast in our standing.  Confidence to stand through every test and to endure through every trial comes by way of the word of the God Who designed the plan and ordained the path that we should go.  God has a tailor-made message just for you… Hear God’s word and follow His way!

In keeping with our commitment, we extend our sharing through Shepherd’s Quotes, My Declaration and Hymn Stories.  We have also included our Amazon Book Review Listing for books we have read from a variety of genres that have enlightened, encouraged and empowered us in hopes that they will bless you as well!  If these authors bless you, feel free to be a blessing in return and post your book review on Amazon!

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