Prayer: Greater Discernment


“Most Gracious Father, we thank You for the purpose You designed long before we arrived on the scene, and we bless You for the plan that You initiated to get us to that intended place in You. We honor You for this time, Lord, and acknowledge that everything that we have encountered up to this point has been directing us towards Your purpose and driving us towards Your Presence.  We thank You, Lord, for every wilderness experience and we celebrate the paths that You create for us in those wilderness times.  Dear God, give us the strength to release the past as You commanded us in Isaiah 43:18, the desire to fulfill Your purpose and the courage to embrace the future.  Help us, Lord, to discern what You are doing and to walk in ‘the new thing’ that You are unfolding as we walk out Your will.  Bless us, Lord, to see with Your eyes, to desire with Your heart and to embrace with Your Spirit.  Bless You for increasing our revelation of You and for expanding our view of Your Hand at work.  Thank You for Your continued presence, God, as we press forward towards Your purpose.  We celebrate Your will; we worship You, Lord; we honor You, and in Jesus’ Name we pray; Amen!”

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