Church School Saturday

Church School Saturday with Lady Angelia is a virtual gathering where attendees study the Bible through the Church School Quarterly of the AME Zion Church in a setting that incorporates Auditory (Hearing), Visual (Seeing) and Kinesthetic (Doing) learning styles.

Lesson content may be found prior to the virtual class experience on the Church School Saturday with Lady Angelia Facebook Page. Visit the ‘Events’ tab to access a lesson where you will find key information regarding the lesson like the Key Verse, Our Affirmation, Scriptural Declaration, Aim For Change, Featured Words Pronunciation Key, In Focus Story, #ChurchSchoolCheer Song, Hymnology: The Lyrics & The Story. Feel free to react, comment and share any of this content on your social platforms!

This virtual class is designed intentionally for attendees to fully engage in eclectic learning where we embrace a diverse range of resources. Through music, videos, and dialogue, along with text observation, interpretation and application, attendees get a well-rounded experience of #SeeingHearingAndDoing #TheWord! To register for our #VirtualClass, CLICK HERE to provide your name and email address. You will receive information via email to join the class once you’ve submitted your registration.

After #TheClassExperience has concluded, feel free to join the social media broadcasts via #FacebookLive or #YouTubeLive on Wednesdays at 5:00pm… Church School Saturday with Lady Angelia: #TheSumUp! This summary is a 10-20 minute review of the lesson highlights. #TheSumUp  videos are located on the Lady AJP Ministers YouTube Channel. These videos are overviews of the lessons where Lady Angelia discusses the underlying themes of the lesson through the scripture reference, the affirmation, the focus hymn and the reflection.

#JoinTheConversation… Church School Saturday with Lady Angelia, Saturdays at 7:00pm EST!!! There is also an in-person opportunity every 2nd Sunday at 9:00am – #ChurchSchoolSunday at Weeping Willow AME Zion Church. Are you interested in additional Lady AJP Ministries works? Lady Angelia Writes “The Relationship Series” – Relating To Your Purpose, Relating To Your Process, Relating To Your Partner, Relating To Your Past, Relating To Your Provocations.