Prayer: Intimacy With God

God's Word

Dear Lord, thank You for the invitation to spend intentional and intimate time with You.  We are humbled by the thought that You, God, with Your Holy nature, would desire to draw us closer and closer to You.  We honor You for the privilege of Your Presence and joyfully accept Your open invitation.  Lord, we want You to enter into our lives, and we open even our most secret places to You.  We want Your visitation to transform into a habitation… We want You to know that we welcome You and invite You to never leave.  We want Your Presence to be so evident to us at all times and in all areas of our lives that we see You everywhere and in everything.  Lord, we desire a mutual exchange… where we openly share all of ourselves with You and You reveal more and more of Yourself to us.  We thank You, Lord, for the promise of Revelation 3:20 that extends to us mutual hospitality, mutual provision, mutual attention.  We celebrate the growth of our relationship with You and honor You for the opportunity to mutually share with You.  In Jesus’ Name, we bless You as we pray; Amen!

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