Prayer: Apostolic Gifts

5 Fold Ministry Hand“Dear Lord, thank You for the gifts that You have given to us outlined in Ephesians 4:11-12. Thank You for anointing each gift with Your Holy Spirit to flow according to Your purpose.  Thank You, Lord, that when they operate as the gifts that You designed them to be, that their anointings will complete the work of the Kingdom, their anointings will perfect us, and their anointings will build up the body of Christ.  We thank You, Lord, that each gift is uniquely and specifically designed by You to operate as You intended in the place that You ordained.  We thank You for the apostles who establish Your works and set Your divine order.  We thank You for the prophets who give direction and correction at Your word.  We thank You for the evangelists spreading Your word throughout the world and gathering in those who respond to Your call to salvation.  We thank You for the pastors who nurture Your people as they shepherd Your flock.  And we thank You for the teachers who rightly divide Your word and guide all into Your truth.  Thank You, Lord for unifying Your gifts to work in tandem to fulfill Your purpose according to Your plan.  We thank You, Lord, for positioning us to grow through Your word, for empowering us to fulfill Your purpose and for connecting us through Christ.  We honor Your gifts as we glorify You as the Giver.  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen!”

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