Prayer: Purpose Revealed

light-bulb-lit-among-dark-ones“Dear Lord, thank You for giving us Your presence, Your purpose, Your power, Your provision and Your protection.  We recognize You as the Presiding Priest and the Reigning King Who perfects the end of a thing even before You establish it in its beginning.  We acknowledge that there are no limitations in You, God, so there is no limiting You.  Lord, we thank You for Your perfect plan concerning our lives and we magnify You as the director of our paths.  Thank You, Lord for making us Your sons and working in us and through us to develop us into sons who represent our Father well.  Lord, God, we understand that all of creation is waiting on us to fully operate in our sonship and that as we conform to Your image we provide a greater revelation of You in the earth.  We celebrate Your greatness, Lord and yield to the making process that You’ve specifically designed for each of us.  Lord, we thank You for the expectation of Romans 8:19 and for You manifesting Your sons in the earth.  In Jesus’ Name we bless You as we thank You, Amen!”

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