Prayer: Shepherding Pastors

Shepherd and Sheep“Dear Lord, Thank You for giving us pastors who love You genuinely, who want what You desire, who love like You love.  Thank You for equipping them with hearts to serve You through serving Your people.  We honor You, Lord, for every gift that You’ve invested in them, and for the purpose that You designed them for before the foundations of the earth.  We celebrate Your will being accomplished in them and Your glory being magnified through them.  We bless You, God, for their humility and for their tenacity; we bless You for the passion that drives them to continue walking with You even when the road becomes rough.  Thank You, Lord, for protecting them and providing for them, thank You that as they shepherd Your sheep, that you manifest Yourself as their Great Shepherd.  We are so grateful, Lord, for the knowledge and understanding that they get from You because of their personal and intimate relationship with You.  We thank You for feeding them Your word and giving them Divine revelation, so they in turn can feed us according to Your heart.  We honor You for the blessing of knowledge and understanding that You’ve released to us through Jeremiah 3:15.  We thank You, Lord, for the wonderful gift You’ve given us called ‘Pastor’.  We bless You as we thank You in Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

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