Lady AJP Comments on 1 Timothy 4:14

V10 1 Tim 4 14


God has gifted each one of us and that gifting was affirmed by Him when it was given. We have been empowered for Kingdom building and God is the Authorizing Agent of that unique endowment. However, as powerful as our gifts may be, we all have the choice and the potential to neglect God’s divine deposit. We devalue what God has given us when we don’t spend the time necessary to develop His gift. We diminish the potential of our impact for Kingdom service when we don’t acknowledge God as the Gifter. We deter the blessing of increase when we don’t properly utilize what He has provided us. God not only wants us to mature into the things He has blessed us with, but He also wants us to activate and develop those gifts.

Your divine gift is not one that you can obtain by studying books, but it comes through a prophetic word from The Book. God’s word received IN your life has the potential to become God’s word revealed THROUGH your life. Your divine gift is not one that you can acquire through osmosis, but it comes through the agreement of anointed vessels assigned to that Kingdom work. God will surround you with mentors, teachers and ‘fathers’ who will identify the gifts in you, call them into manifestation, and guide you to maturity in them as they develop in you. Your divine gift is not one that you can put on a shelf or leave in a closet. This divine deposit is always with you. Don’t neglect God’s gift – Identify, Nurture, Activate and Develop it for God has need of you!

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