Lady AJP Comments on Ephesians 1:18

V2 Eph 1 18


God did not create us and then place us in the earth for the sole purpose of merely existing. He desires for us to know and to understand what He has invested IN us and what He has initiated FOR us. It stands to reason that when we know what God has purposed us for, we will understand the value of what He has equipped us with. Knowing and understanding is the immunization against waste – the lack of applying our God-given knowledge and abilities. Knowing and understanding is the vaccination against abuse – the misappropriation of our natural talents and spiritual giftings. God wants us to be enlightened about His plan for our lives.

God has a rich inheritance in us for He has infused us with His glory! His will for us is executed when we die to ourselves, allowing Him to receive His rightful inheritance in us. When we die to ourselves, we are positioned to triumph in God’s original intent for our lives. As we fulfill His plan, His glory is manifested through us and everything we do brings Him glory. When we recognize the value of His glory in us, we can truly understand the hope of His calling. God has enriched us with His greatness, embossed us with His grace and empowered us with His glory. His hope gives us hope!

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