Lady AJP Comments on Philemon 1:6

SSMT Verse #8 Philemon 1:6


God intends for us to share our faith. It is in the sharing of the gift of faith that we give others the opportunity to see God in new and exciting ways. It is in sharing the hope that compels us that those who encounter our faith begin to see beyond their own experiences to expect God in greater ways. By sharing our faith, we can infect those within our environments with an expectation of God and an anticipation of a God-move. Faith is a gift that we share, but never totally give away. God has ordained for every release of faith to be increased – when we gift our faith, He applies His accelerated math and increases faith within us!

Faith is not just believing ‘For’ something; it is believing that God is the Sovereign Ruler over everything and that His word is sure regardless of the circumstance. Our faith in Him is a tool that lives by works (…faith without works is dead…) and it is a committed commander that has a work. God intends for our faith to not just be, but to have an effect. Our faith at work is empowered to produce a work for His glory. It has the potential to ignite faith in others.

The effectiveness of our faith is developed out of our acknowledgement of Christ’s good in us. When we acknowledge the good that is in us as Christ working in us and through us, our faith becomes an agent-of-change that impacts all. God intends for us to effectively share our faith! He has empowered us to share our faith and impact the world!

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