Praying For His Witness…

Dear Lord, we bless You, we praise You, we honor You and thank You because You are an awesome God There is none like You in all the earth.  You are the Creator, the Maintainer and the Sustainer of our lives as we bless You even now for every purpose that You’ve established for every woman, God, that is under the sound of my voice. I thank You even now, God, for every plan that You have set in place, for the man, that You have ordained to be in our lives.  We bless You even now, God, because You are a God of order and we thank You for setting order in our lives and positioning us in a way that we can be a reflection of Your light in the earth. We thank You even now, God, that You have empowered our husbands and our husbands-to-be, God, to be witnesses in the earth for You. We bless You even now that You have given us what we need, God, to stand as lights in dark places, to be that reflection of You that Your Voice can be heard in the earth, so that Your Spirit can be felt in the earth and that Your Hand can be seen in the earth.  We bless You, that You’ve caused the men in our lives, God, to be standing witnesses for You; that every place they go, God, when people look at them, they will look at them but see You.  We thank You that You’re reflecting Your character through them, God, so that when they speak, they sound like You; when they act, they do like You; even the words that come forth from them, God, they are Your words that You have spoken to them, that You are speaking through them and releasing into the earth. We bless You that everything that their hand touches, God, that it does prosper and it brings forth good fruit.  We thank You that You are empowering them to be productive in the earth, God. So that everything that they do yields good fruit that is good and productive for those that will receive it.  We thank You that as their good works are seen, God, that people will recognize Your work through their hands – their work that is giving provision to families, their work that’s giving provision to neighbors and to co-workers, the things that they do, God, that provide for families even beyond their families. God, we’re blessing You for causing them to be blessings to the families of the earth, so the things that come through their hands, the things that come through their mouths, God, are good and productive things that bring blessing to everyone that encounters them.  We thank You even now, as they walk throughout their lives, God, that the things that they do will bear witness to their relationship with You. We thank You that their walk, God, is a walk of righteousness, that where they go, God, will bring You glory; that what they do when they get to where they’re going will bring You glory.  We thank You that You’re causing them to be walking manifestations of Your goodness in the earth.  We recognize them as ‘good things’ and recognize that You’ve placed us in their lives as their ‘good thing’. We thank You for all of the work that will be seen by Your Hand through them, God, because we recognize that their relationship with You gives them favor others don’t have. We bless You that others will look at them and know that they are Your children. We thank You, God, that You are a Father to them, and as witnesses in the earth they openly testify of Your goodness, of Your greatness, of Your power, of Your strength and of Your love. We bless You that everything that they do, God, will leave a residue of Your goodness and Your greatness.  We bless You that You are blessing them, God, to be able to be a continuous and a consistent witness in the earth of just how great You are.  We thank You that You are establishing them as kings in the earth, that as they seek, God, You’re manifesting what they say because they are speaking Your word, they’re speaking Your will and they’re walking out Your purpose. We thank You, God, that even in a crowd that they stand out; that they won’t be average, but they’ll be excellent.  We thank You that You’re preparing them, God, to walk out excellence in everything they do, that they recognize that they are stewards that You have placed in the earth to manage what You’ve put in their hands and because they acknowledge You as the Almighty God, they yield and submit themselves to You to complete every assignment with a spirit of excellence. We thank You that as they walk out Your assignments in the earth, God, that they recognize that You are The Source that provides them with every resource they have, and that they quickly and boldly profess and proclaim to the world that You are their Source, God, that they let everyone know that everything that they have, they have because You are God, everything that they do, they have the ability to do it because You are their God. Everything, God, that’s connected to them, they are blessed with it because You have been a blessing to them.  We thank You for building them up even in their confidence, God, so they walk with a holy boldness, they walk with a sureness and a certainty that because You are with them, they will not fail; because You are with them, they will not be deficient; because You are with them, everything that they do is guaranteed by You because they walk out Your word and walk in Your will.  We bless You and we praise You even now, that they walk a complete life, God, that’s whole and complete in You – that there is no deficiency, there is no delinquency.  We bless You even now that they recognize who they are as kings in the earth who are submitted to The High King. We bless You even now that You have anointed them to be the priests of our homes and You’re giving them everything they need to walk in their priestly role to cover us, to cover our children, to cover everything connected to us that is in our home that they are responsible for.  We bless You for making them good stewards, God, and for giving them the foresight and the knowledge, God, that they need to walk out in obedience Your word with a quickness, to walk out Your word with assurance, God, to walk out Your word according to Your timing and in Your favor.  We bless You even now that they are builders, that they are, God, constructors who do everything that You say the way that You say it and in the season that You would have them to do it in. We thank You even now that they walk in a spirit of prophecy, God, that they hear because they see Your word and hear Your voice, they are ahead of time and they know what’s coming even before it’s coming.  We bless You for the Spirit of discernment that You’re releasing in their lives, God, for building them up spiritually in You so that they hear Your voice at all times and in all seasons.  We thank You for giving them the spirit of Issachar, that they recognize the times and the seasons and they know what it is that You’re doing in the time and season that You’re doing it in.  We bless You even now that You’re opening their eyes and that they will really see, God; You’re opening their ears that they will really hear; and because they’re seeing as You would have them to see and they’re hearing as You would have them hear, they’re walking out in obedience everything that You place in their hands to do. We bless You even now that because of their obedience, God, that their witness becomes a witness of righteousness, that they walk out Your word and not one step fails.  We bless You for Your word being manifested in their lives and for making them witnesses in the home, for making them witnesses on their jobs, for making them witnesses, God, even in places of recreation, so that people will look at them and know that You are God and You are their Father, that they are Your sons. We bless You even now for giving them the spirit of sonship to walk out the role of a true son and to be that witness in the earth that brings glory to the Name of their Father. We bless You and we praise You even now, God, for increasing the impact and the power of their witness in the earth.  We bless You, we praise You, we honor You, in Jesus’ Name, we thank You, Amen.

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