Prayer: Divine Strategies

“Dear Lord, Thank You for establishing Your covenant with us.  We honor You for reminding us to remember that it is You Who empowers us to gain wealth and that this empowerment is one of Your generational promises to us.  We thank You, Lord, for the power of Deuteronomy 8:18 and the Divine strategies that You bless us with.  God, we thank You for including us in Your purpose and using us in Your plan.  We celebrate the fulfillment of Your will as we receive Divine instruction from You and as we implement it in the earth to increase Your Kingdom.  God, help us to hear You clearly, to understand You fully and to obey You completely.  Help us to recognize, Lord, that You have equipped us with every necessity to execute the strategies that You have entrusted us with.  Help us to know that we have Your Divine protection – from conception to fruition – You are with us, so we have nothing to fear.  Lord, we ask for Your Holy Spirit to saturate us with Holy boldness, so we confidently fulfill every instruction recognizing You as The Master Builder and relying fully on Your strength.

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