Stop Recycling Offenses!











Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a vicious cycle that throws us totally off focus.  The enemy’s plot is to keep us in this recurring pattern so we’re not able to progress in the purpose of God and fulfill His divine plan.  However, God has supplied us with everything we need to get off of the ‘merry-go-round’ called Recycled Offense… We just have to choose to get off!

When we make the decision to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and ‘… forgive them for they know not what they do’, we position ourselves to see beyond the pains of our present and embrace the power of our promise!  It is what we choose to focus on that will determine our posture – A Posture of Praise or a position of pity.  When we Remember offenses (join ourselves to a suffered wrong again), we Rehearse them (carry them from place to place to place), only to Regurgitate them (repeatedly feed these filthy feasts to our friends) to once again Re-ingest them (feed on our friends’ affirmations of our feelings about the offense) and then to Remember them and start the cycle all over again!

Don’t allow the enemy to lock you into a Recycling process – focus on God’s promise and praise your way towards purpose!!!  God’s Plan will always supersede the enemy’s plot when we choose to make God our priority. Avoid this snare of the enemy – Don’t memorialize offenses; Forgive!!!


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