Movie Moment: An American Girl Story


“This is indivisible!” – Miss Abbott in “American Girl Story: Love Has To Win!”

Miss Abbott is the captain and runs her classroom in 1963 like a well-oiled machine.  The rules are clear and the students are positioned to learn in a setting that is orderly and regimented.  All appears well until Melody, one of her students, begins to discover that her reality (and the reality of those who look like her) in the United States of 1963 does not reflect the spirit of the words proclaimed within The Pledge of Allegiance.  This dawning revelation brings a major internal conflict to the forefront first in the classroom when Melody stands in a chair to proclaim that “The Pledge of Allegiance is a lie!”  Her impromptu act of defiance in the small world of her classroom becomes a catalyst for change that turns the perspectives of many; yet, it is the development of her faith along the journey that subtly captured my attention.

This young girl, filled with dreams, lived in a small world that only seemed safe to her because of her mother’s vigilant and sacrificial protection.  When a series of events shatter the thin wall of safety her mother had created, Melody began to call into question the inequality that was now so evident around her.  It is through her journey of faith that we are challenged to become change agents.

Effecting change always requires us to commit to taking faith steps… Seeing what isn’t there and walking through the process of causing what isn’t to become so.  This journey of faith may very well begin with us as lone travelers; however, just as those around Melody began to embrace different perspectives which provoked different behaviors, we will also be joined by others who become enlightened as they witness our along the way.  Fears will arise, but we must rise above them.  Challenges will come, but we must continue to go forward.  Some will never embrace change, but we must consistently embrace truth and stoically stand for what’s right. God calls us to be different.  That difference will often challenge our faith stance as we change our perspectives.

Racism is an ugly and destructive ill that is just one of several vehicles small-minds use to divide.  Although we have made some great strides to eradicate this divisive agent, we still have a long way to go.  What area has God anointed you to bring change to?  What actions have you taken to make “… one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” true in your neighborhood?  Where are you able to say like Miss Abbott,THIS is Indivisible!”???

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