Prayer: Godly Marriages

“Dear Lord, we thank You for the institution of marriage and for this very special connection that You designed at the beginning of time.  Thank You for the power that You have established through the principle of agreement and for positioning us to enjoy the benefits of companionship as we fulfill Your divine purpose.  Thank You, Lord, for the order that you have established and for the protection and provision that comes through embracing Your order.  God, we are so grateful for “FAVOR” – that special release that You have ordained through this connection which is guaranteed in Proverbs 18:22.  We celebrate Your power multiplied and Your Name glorified through this union.  We thank You, Lord, for unity with You that fosters unity within the marriage.  We honor Your blessing over this union and bless You for creating us as blessings to be blessings to families all over the earth.  Thank You, Lord, for molding us into a good vessel and for placing us strategically in places to manifest Your will.  We honor You, we bless You, we praise You, we worship You – for You alone are worthy.  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen!”

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