“Cast Down, But Not Destroyed: Destiny’s Child” by Author Latisha R. Stuckey

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AUTHOR LATISHA R. STUCKEY, our featured Christian Living Author for January 2019, has authored 1 published work and resides in Winston Salem, NC.

Book Synopsis

A collection of childhood memoirs in the from of letters, poems, Scripture, and childhood traumatic memories. This e-book is a TRUE STORY about what happens to a child who is not prepared nor equipped for the journey of life, yet has a destination to reach and a Destiny to fulfill. As you look into the eyes of the souls of this child what are you thinking? Can you imagine what she is going through, has gone through, and what still lies ahead? Come share her raw experiences of being Cast Down, But Not Destroyed. On this road less traveled you will find insight for discovering your Destiny as the experiences impact you in ways you can only imagine. Could what she has been through be what she is called to? Ask yourself…Is what I have been through what I am called to?

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