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Welcome to the CSS Reflections Blog! Church School Saturday with Lady Angelia concludes each lesson with a reflection that encapsulates the overall theme of the weekly lesson. This blogspace is the dedicated home for our weekly reflections giving CSS scholars and website guests an accessible tool beyond our virtual classroom that enlightens, encourages, and empowers!

CSS Reflections are lesson reflections intentionally designed to engage learners in embracing the objectives of each lesson through internalizing the content. This process is an individual effort that positions learners to directly apply what they’ve learned by ‘Seeing, Hearing, and Doing The Word!’

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Lady Angelia WritesThe Church School Saturday Reflections Blog:


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#TheSumUp: “Take Responsibility!”

#LadyAngeliaWrites, “When we admit our wrongs to God, we position ourselves to receive His forgiveness and retain His favor!”

SCRIPTURE LESSON: Ezekiel 18:1-9, 30-32
CHURCH SCHOOL CHEER: “You Make Me Happy” by Tasha Cobbs
FEATURED VIDEO CLIP: “Not In The Cards!” from ‘Cop & A Half’


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#TheSumUp: “Empty Rituals Are Useless!”

#LadyAngeliaWrites, “Being intimate with God is about spending quality time with Him, conversing with Him… God wants our attention, not just our articulation!”

CHURCH SCHOOL CHEER: “High Praise” by Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.
FEATURED VIDEO CLIP: “Beach Goat Suggestion” from ‘Love Jacked’

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#TheSumUp: “Speaking Truth to Power!”

#LadyAngeliaWrites, “God desires for us to be ‘profiles of courage’ as we confidently and faithfully stand on His word to complete what He wills.”

SCRIPTURE LESSON: 1 Kings 22:15-23, 26-28
CHURCH SCHOOL CHEER: “Days of Elijah” by Donnie McClurkin
FEATURED VIDEO CLIP: “You Are The Boss” from ‘Hidden Figures’