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Welcome to the CSS Reflections Blog! Church School Saturday with Lady Angelia concludes each lesson with a reflection that encapsulates the overall theme of the weekly lesson. This blogspace is the dedicated home for our weekly reflections giving CSS scholars and website guests an accessible tool beyond our virtual classroom that enlightens, encourages, and empowers!

CSS Reflections are lesson reflections intentionally designed to engage learners in embracing the objectives of each lesson through internalizing the content. This process is an individual effort that positions learners to directly apply what they’ve learned by ‘Seeing, Hearing, and Doing The Word!’

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Lady Angelia WritesThe Church School Saturday Reflections Blog:

  • The Faith of David – Facing Life with Confidence!
    When we faithfully stand on our trust in God, we’ll stoically stand against anything that is contrary to His nature.”
    1 Samuel 17:31-37, 45, 48-50
  • The Faith of Ruth – Changing Identity!
    When we believe God completely, our behavior will reflect what we believe and not what we see.”
    Ruth 1:6-18, 22
  • Liberty, Not License – Do What Is Helpful!
    When we understand that God’s love is our example for how we treat others; we’ll always put others first.”
    1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1
  • Life In Christ Brings Freedom – Live As You Were Taught!
    When we understand that God prioritizes relationship over ritual, we will faithfully seek Him without adhering to strict regulations and rituals.”
    Colossians 2:16-23
  • Love Fulfills The Law – The Greatest Gift!
    When we receive, accept and embrace the love of God, His love residing in us will become His love radiating through us that consistently draws others closer to Him.”
    1 Corinthians 13:8-13; Romans 13:8-10
  • What Is Required for Salvation – Enlarging Our Vision!
    When we are intentional about seeing beyond our Salvific experience, we will be intentional about fully embracing those who have different Salvific experiences.”
    Acts 15:1-11

Enduring Difficult Days With God Series

AUTHOR GWEN HESTER-COHEN, our featured Christian Living Author for July 2022, has authored 2 published works and resides in Charlotte, NC.

Book Synopsis

Have you ever found yourself in a place of isolation and wondered how did you get there? Have you been disconnected from those you felt most connected to? Enduring Difficult Days with God: Intimacy in Isolation helps us understand how God loves us, embraces us, and shapes us in our isolated moments. Intimacy in Isolation offers an opportunity to examine Gods faithfulness when we feel most alone. Take time to examine these pages and be restored while experiencing your most isolated moment.

Lost Your Keys??? FIND HERE!

How do a singer and a musician begin a selection? Every song or piece of music has a label. That label is called a key. This stamp, or key signature, can be found immediately after the time signature on the musical staff. A key signature displays how many accidentals (also known as sharps and flats) are in a piece of music, and immediately tells the singer where to sing and the musician where to play. For each major key, there is a relative minor key.

Here are some examples of this relationship. You Are So Beautiful written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher is in the key of F Major, while Sexy performed by Black Eyed Peas is in the key of Dm. These keys are related and share the same key signature – one flat. Unforgettable, sung by Nat King Cole and written by Irving Gordon is in the key of G Major, while Fallin’ written and performed by Alicia Keys is in the key of Em. These keys are also related and share the same key signature – one sharp. “Take The A Train” written by Billy Strayhorn is in the key of C, while “I Will Survive” performed by Gloria Gaynor is in the key of Am. These related keys share the same key signature – there are no accidentals.

How would one know what the key is when looking at the key signature??? This is accomplished by first learning the order of sharps and flats. Besides memorizing them, there are three ways you can find the key when looking at sharps and flats: A pneumonic device, playing out the appropriate scale and isolating the accidentals, or remembering the unique rule for each.

The Order of Sharps is F, C, G, D, A, E, B. As a pneumonic device, the order could be memorized by assigning a phrase that is easily remembered. Four College Grads Dined At Every Bakery”. With playing out the appropriate scale and isolating the accidentals, in the key of A Major, the scale would be A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#, A. Finally, the unique rule for dealing with keys that contain sharps is to go to the last sharp and raise it by one half step. For example, the key of A Major has G as its last sharp. When you raise G# one half step, you arrive at the name of the key, which is A. This rule works with every key that contains sharps. Alternatively, if you know the key’s name, you can use that to identify its signature. To do this, you would lower the name of the key by a half step, which identifies the last sharp in the scale. Lastly, recall the order of sharps.

The Order of Flats is B, E, A, D, G, C, F. As a pneumonic device, the order could be memorized as By Every Anointing Does God Cover Faithfully”. Playing out the appropriate scale and isolating the accidentals, in the key of Bb Major, the scale would be Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb. If you’re looking at the key signature, the next to the last flat is your key. In this instance, the key of Cb Major, applying the rule and playing out the appropriate scale would be Cb, Db, Eb, Fb, Gb, Ab, Bb, Cb.

To be successful in playing any instrument, one isn’t required to learn the Order of Sharps and the Order of Flats, but it is highly recommended. Chord progressions can be handled much more effectively with that foundation. This lesson speaks specifically to sight reading. Music goes to your ear before it goes anywhere else.


Biblical Wonder Woman: WOMAN IN ADULTERY

Biblical Wonder Woman: Woman Taken In Adultery

Biblical Wonder Woman: WOMAN IN ADULTERY is introduced to us as an interruption during Jesus’ teaching. The Pharisees and scribes, the teachers of religious law, brought her to Jesus to test Him, to trip Him, to trap Him. Leviticus 20:10-12 clearly outlines the penalties for adultery in the culture of that time… both the man and the woman were to be put to death. But scripture says that they brought only the woman.

Although this woman is only identified as ‘caught in adultery’, there are some things we automatically know about her because of the circumstances described in the text. She was obviously not in control of the situation – she was brought by leaders; accused by leaders; exposed by leaders. She was a strong woman… in this moment of great humiliation, we see nothing in scripture about her trying to escape the exposure, deny the allegations or in any way defend herself. In fact, her only recorded words were in response to Jesus’ question concerning the retreat of her accusers. Her bravery in this experience is quite massive.

Imagine her… pulled from the adulterous bed, marched to the temple, and thrown before Jesus in front of a crowd of onlookers. Vulnerable and humiliated; quiet and reserved. As those who had presented her for stoning were “convicted by their own conscience” slipped away one by one, she quietly remained.  It was the short dialogue with Jesus which followed that positioned her for a great deliverance.

Many read this passage and focus on Jesus’ words, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.” (John 8:11b) This Biblical Wonder Woman: WOMAN IN ADULTERY stands heads and shoulders above others because of the bravery she exhibited. When one has been caught in a compromising position, the best place to be is in the presence of Jesus! Although she did not go to Him on her own, she had the presence of mind to stay with Him once she got there. It wasn’t until He told her to go that she went on her way. Bravery in humility presented her with deliverance! Biblical Wonder Women Are BRAVE!


Biblical Wonder Woman: RIZPAH

Biblical Wonder Woman: RIZPAH

Biblical Wonder Woman: RIZPAH is introduced to us as a daughter, a mother, and a concubine. Her story unfolds in the midst of a famine and climaxes at the beginning of barley harvest. Scripture doesn’t tell us much about this woman; however, we do learn that she is tenacious in her assignment despite the hardships and inconveniences. Rizpah’s experience didn’t happen because she was a difficult daughter, a missing mother, or a careless concubine. Her honorable mention is part of a bigger story.

2 Samuel 21 records God informing King David of the reason for the 3-year famine. “The famine has come because Saul and his family are guilty of murdering the Gibeonites.” (2 Samuel 21:1b) Although the Israelites had sworn not to kill them, King Saul tried his best to wipe them out. He died and David succeeded him, but the guilt of his actions lived on. It was this guilt that interjected Rizpah into the arena. Being the concubine (or lesser wife) of the king and producing two sons for him placed her sons in the direct path of harm’s way. Restitution required their lives as retribution for those whom Saul killed. It was this requirement that propelled Rizpah into the forefront.

Rizpah watched as her two sons, Armoni and Mephibosheth, were taken by the men of Gibeon and executed on the mount of the Lord. (2 Samuel 21:9) The concubine of the king lost her two sons because of the error of the king. These two princes lost their lives because of the error of the king. This was a very public loss that produced a very personal pain.

The beginning of the barley harvest marked the beginning of Rizpah’s vigil. This bereaved mother positioned herself on a rock covered with burlap and kept scavenger birds and wild animals from tearing and eating their bodies. Imagine the diligence required to watchfully protect her son’s bodies throughout the barley harvest. Her diligence is tenacious… just one moment of inattentiveness would have negated all of her previous commitment. No meal breaks, no restroom breaks, no sleep breaks; this was an ongoing assignment that offered no breaks in service.

King David took notice of the Biblical Wonder Woman: Rizpah! It was her act of diligence that provoked his act of dedication. It was this woman’s determination that influenced him to oversee the proper burials of King Saul, his son Jonathan, and the seven sons of Saul who paid the ultimate price to release Israel from the grip of a famine.

Rizpah shows us the dedication of a worshiper.. in standing her ground to protect her assignment, she doesn’t relinquish her post until King David properly resolves the matter. Biblical Wonder Women are DILIGENT! Here’s #aVirtualConversation from “The Relationship Series” titled On Guard from “JobTitle Worshiper: Understanding The Position Of A Worship Leader”.

Biblical Wonder Woman: SAMARITAN WOMAN

Biblical Wonder Woman: SAMARITAN WOMAN

Biblical Wonder Woman: SAMARITAN WOMAN is introduced to us as a woman from the city of Samaria who came to Jacob’s well to draw water. It’s interesting that John 4 opens by telling us that Jesus left Judaea and journeyed to Galilee by way of Samaria. Although the reason for the route He chose was not given in the text, it is clear that it was necessary for Jesus to go through Samaria. He was tired by the time He arrived at Jacob’s well and Scripture records that He sat on the well and waited.

This rejected Gentile, who met the Waiting Savior at Jacob’s well, was seeking natural water. Her desire to meet a vital need drove her to the place of supply, but her desire to avoid the sting of repeated rejection compelled her towards the supply at a time when others were known to not be there. It was in the heat of the day that she pressed her way to what she supposed would be another lonely experience drawing water at the well.

On this day, The Samaritan Woman would meet a man Who would not just change her life, but He would compel her to share her story in a way that would change the lives of many others. She went to the well to get natural water; she left from the well with Living Water. It’s interesting that this Biblical Wonder Woman had spent a portion of her adult life shunning contact with others because of their perception of who she was; however, after an encounter with Jesus, this same woman went running to tell others, “Come, see a man…” She was compelling them towards The One Who told her all about herself! In her past, her story isolated her; in His Presence, her story inspired her to tell others!

Her impact on the people of Samaria is profound. The one whom they had rejected in the past, the one whom they labeled because of their perception of her past, the one whom they had judged because of  her situation and circumstances in her past is the one who invited them to meet The One Who had changed her life – and they immediately accepted her invitation and personally sought out The One she spoke of.

This influential woman initiated a great evangelistic event that began because of her desire to share The Living Water that had blessed her life so richly. Biblical Wonder Women EVANGELIZE! “Give Thanks For Deliverance!– When you’ve had a life-changing experience with God, you will be compelled to gratefulness which will provoke you to share your story and invite others to their own personal experience with Him!