A Good Man Is Looking

A GOOD MAN IS LOOKING FOR ME:  Recognizing Your God-Ordained Dance Partner!

The Relationship Series – Book #3: Relating With Your PARTNER

 Part One: When God Doesn’t Do It…  Chapter One Excerpt: Abram & Sarai – Covenant Outside Of God ~ In Jeopardy

Book Synopsis…

IN THE BEGINNING . . .  God established covenant relationship. The Marriage Union between man and woman is one of the most important relationships ordained by God, and was the second relationship God created after His creation of man.

Recognizing your God-ordained Dance Partner can be a difficult feat at best if you are seeking, or waiting to be found, from a physical perspective.

In A Good Man Is Looking For Me, Angelia J. Poole takes an in-depth look at three Old Testament couples who did things on their own and found themselves in compromising positions; and she reviews three God-instigated relationships and the processes that created them.  Although the second method shows God’s Sovereign power and His acute attention to detail in initiating Covenant relationships, both progressions to the altar of holy matrimony will reveal God’s mighty hand at work in forming, developing and nurturing covenant partnerships.

Your God-Ordained Dance Partner was chosen by God from the foundations of the world.  If you make the choice to allow Him to do the directing ~ men ~ you will gain access to God’s unlimited favor, and Ladies ~ you will be found by good, God-sent men!  GOD DESIGNED IT TO BE SO. . . JUST FOR YOU!

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