Embrace The Power

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EMBRACE THE POWER OF YOUR SCARS:  Moving From Painfully Wounded To Powerfully Scarred!

The Relationship Series – Book #4: Relating With Your PAST

     Chapter One:  THE PAIN… The Enemy Wants To Use Our Hurts Against Us! 

Book Synopsis…

The attack happened because God allowed it.  Although the enemy intended for it to destroy you, it was allowed only to hurt you.  Those wounds carry temporary pain, but their resulting scars carry powerful testimonies.  Because God’s plan for you will always supersede the enemy’s plots against you, every place of attack becomes a place of your authority and every healed wound becomes proof of your purpose.

Although we usually tend to see our scars as evidence of controversy or indictments of rejection, these badges of honor can serve to remind us of God’s faithfulness to us and His promises for us.  In this book, Embrace The Power Of Your Scars:  Moving from Painfully Wounded To Powerfully Scarred, Angelia J. Poole carefully discusses how enduring the process of healing past hurts will empower you to live totally free from the pain of all offenses and provoke you to encourage others towards healing, pulling them up from the pits of discouragement and despair.

The enemy is intimidated by you!  Know that a greater number of scars indicates a higher level of threat…  But God is working ALL THINGS TOGETHER for your good!  And your scars are just proof of the power of your purpose!  So… Walk in your purpose and Embrace the Power of Your Scars!!!



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