Marriage Prayer Blog

God is Omnipotent (All-Powerful) and talking with Him about our husbands and our marital relationships is the most important and impactful conversation we could ever have.  Since God ordained husbands as the leaders of our households, covering our husbands with prayer is literally covering the house and everything in the house with God’s wisdom, provision, guidance and protection. It is one of the best investments we could ever make and yields some of the greatest returns.  Join us on Mondays at 9:30pm EST as we pray God’s word for Godly marriages!  Conference Line: 218-895-3036  Access Code: 73016#  Individual prayer requests may be submitted to[email protected] to be added to theLady AJP Prays’ Prayer List.  Just click the scripture for each week to see the foundation for our weekly prayer and click the Prayer # listed below and pray each prayer at your convenience throughout the week with us.  And if you’re so inclined, utilize the Marriage Prayer & Meditation Playlist (located in the right navigation as well as at the bottom of each post) to help set the atmosphere as you verbalize and meditate on God’s heart for your marriage!

These prayers are based on the’s “30-Day Prayer Challenge For Your Husband”:

Prayer #1:    Pray for his relationship with God.  Luke 10:27                  Prayer #2:    Pray for his spiritual discipline.  Acts 20:24

Prayer #3:    Pray for his work.  Psalm 90:17                                           Prayer #4:    Pray for his friendships.  Proverbs 13:20

Prayer #5:    Pray for his spiritual growth.  John 15:8                              Prayer #6:    Pray for his role as a father.  Titus 2:7

Prayer #7:    Pray for your role as parents.  Deuteronomy 6:7                 Prayer #8:    Pray for romance.  Ecclesiastes 4:12

Prayer #9:    Pray for his witness.  Matthew 5:16                                     Prayer #10:  Pray for his weaknesses.  2 Corinthians 12:10

Prayer #11:  Pray for his strengths.  1 Peter 4:10                                        Prayer #12:  Pray you would be quick to forgive.

Prayer #13:  Pray he would be quick to forgive.                                         Prayer #14:  Pray about any areas of disagreement.

Prayer #15:  Pray about big decisions.                                                        Prayer #16:  Pray for his leaders.

Prayer #17:  Pray for his physical health.                                                    Prayer #18:  Pray for his emotional health.

Prayer #19:  Pray for any persistent areas of sin.                                         Prayer #20:  Pray for his service to the church.

Prayer #21:  Pray for his leadership.                                                            Prayer #22:  Pray for money management.

Prayer #23:  Pray for his passions.                                                               Prayer #24:  Pray for his fidelity.

Prayer #25:  Pray for his safety.                                                                   Prayer #26:  Pray about any potential idols.

Prayer #27:  Pray for his relationships with his family.                               Prayer #28:  Pray for your sex life.

Prayer #29:  Pray for your marriage.                                                           Prayer #30:  Pray your marriage is a faithful witness to Christ.