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JOBTITLE WORSHIPER:  Understanding The Position Of Worship Leader

The Relationship Series – Book #1: Relating With Your PURPOSE

 Chapter One Excerpt: What Is A Worshiper? A Being Created To Worship

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“Understanding The Position of Worship Leader!”

Book Synopsis…

Our purpose for being is to worship God.  When we fully embrace Him, everything we do is governed by that relationship.  Being in His presence is a privilege that we enjoy wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.  Worship becomes our lifestyle as we develop into a worshiper.

In this book, Angelia J. Poole outlines the position of worship leader providing foundational information for anyone who has a desire to deepen their relationship with God.  Through the journalistic questions, who, what, when, where, why and how, the worshiper’s perspective is powerfully identified.

Whether you are a worship leader in your home having personal devotion time with God or if you are a worship leader in your local church leading thousands to the throne of God regularly, JobTitle Worshiper: Understanding the Position of Worship Leader will strengthen your knowledge about being a worship leader.  That knowledge will challenge you to press your way from just doing worship to becoming a worshiper.   It is what God created us to be!

Do you want more conversation about this work? Listen to Lady Angelia teach from “JobTitle Worshiper: Understanding The Position of Worship Leader”… by watching “The Relationship Series” on YouTube as she walks through the journalistic questions: Who, What, Why, When Where, and How. This teaching will definitely compel you to draw closer to God – to be intimate with Him on a consistent basis.

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