Operating In The Light

OPERATING IN THE LIGHT:  The Power Of The Process Preceding The Performance Of Purpose

The Relationship Series – Book #2: Relating With Your PROCESS

  Chapter One Excerpt:  Obscurity – Hidden For Purpose:  The Season of Safety Before the Light

Book Synopsis…

The ‘Story’ behind the ‘Glory’ magnifies the brilliance of ‘our time’ when God releases us into His manifested purpose.  Many who witness these beautifully polished vessels, will never know the long and arduous roads that delivered us into our shining seasons.

Obscurity, perseverance, and identity tests are critical transitions that God uses to prepare us for His uniquely ordained time of revealed Glory.  His agenda is tailor-made for each of us  ~ designed to nurture and mature us into our expected ends.

In ‘Operating in the Light’ Angelia J. Poole addresses the struggles within the process of becoming and the importance of standing faithfully until God’s glory is ultimately revealed through us.

And then God says, “Arise . . .”  The light is on you!  So . . .   Operate in the Light!

It’s all about Posture, Ability and Opportunity – and God is setting you up to show you off! Order “Operate In The Light” today and prepare yourself for your Divinely-ordained purpose!

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