Writing has been my passion since elementary school and I am so excited to now be an Amazon-recognized author!  Communicating through the written word is a powerful tool I use to convey Biblical principals in a uniquely engaging format that allows both the babe-in-Christ as well as the seasoned Bible-scholar to learn and to grow.


BOOK #1“JobTitle Worshiper: Understanding The Position Of Worship Leader” was published in January 2010, and this first release served as the foundational work for my subsequent books. Challenging readers to pursue an intimate and personal relationship with God, this work is all about ‘Relating with Our PURPOSE’.

BOOK #2 –  “Operating In The Light: The Power Of The Process Preceding The Performance Of Purpose” was released in January 2017.  Nothing can be developed without enduring process, so this work walks us through various seasons providing insight on ‘Relating with Our PROCESS’.

BOOK #3 –  “A Good Man Is Looking For Me: Recognizing Your God-Ordained Dance Partner” is my newest release (March 2019) which focuses on covenant relationship.  This work walks through some of the challenges of man and his rib initially connecting and speaks directly to ‘Relating with Our PARTNER’.

BOOK #4Embracing The Power Of Your Scars: Moving From Painfully Wounded To Powerfully Scarred” is my current work where I discuss the pains of our past becoming the potential power of our present that assists with ushering others out of a ‘wounded’ state. It’s all about ‘Relating with Our PAST’.

BOOK #5“When The Wicked – Enemies, Adversaries & Foes: Understanding The Assignment Of Your Contenders!”  This upcoming work positions us to understand the focuses of those who stand against us so we know how to successfully maintain our stand. By understanding the assignment of our contenders, we are properly equipped to successfully embrace ‘Relating with Our PROVOCATIONS’.

I write and teach from The Relationship Series believing God will propel each of us into Purpose, through Process with our uniquely designed Partner as we fully utilize the potential of our Past and triumph over our Provocations embracing ‘Our New in God’s Next!’


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