Praying For Our Husbands

Prayer for Husbands“Lord, Thank You for blessing us with our covenant partners.  We honor the men they are now and celebrate the men You have designed them to become.  We bless You, Lord for the favor that You have given them and we stand at their sides as agreeing partners with Your will for our lives as we stay on our knees to keep these covenant connections directly and intimately connected to You.  We are so grateful for filling our hearts and minds with Your peace, for guiding us through our days with Your wisdom, and for granting us total access to Your unconditional love.  We thank You, Lord, for blessing our union.  We bless You for causing everything that our hands touch to prosper and for positioning us to possess every place that our feet treads on.  We bless You for making Your love for Your church an example to us and making our love for one another an example to the families of the earth.  Thank You, Lord, for filling us with passion for one another as You draw us ever-closer to You.  We thank You, and we praise You, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

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