Biblical Wonder Woman: LYDIA

Biblical Wonder Woman: LYDIA is introduced to us through the missionary exploits of Paul. On his second missionary journey, he went to Philippi for several days and “On the Sabbath, he went a little way outside the city to a riverbank…” (Acts 16:13) He went where he thought people would be meeting for prayer. The Bible records that he sat down to speak with some women who had gathered there. One of the women who had come to the riverbank to pray was LYDIA. There are only two verses at this point in the narrative that speak of her, but they are filled with detailed information that provides great insight into her character and her value to ministry.

This Biblical Wonder Woman: LYDIA was from Thyatira, a western city of Asia Minor. This wealthy woman, who was from a wealthy place, was a merchant who sold expensive purple cloth. Her clientele consisted of the wealthy elite and her business apparently thrived. She was not involved in the dyeing process that produced the luxury fabric, she was an entrepreneur who successfully managed prosperous business.

LYDIA also appears to be the owner and mistress of her home. There is no record of her consulting a man in her family before extending hospitality to the missionaries. Her home was large enough to accommodate Paul and his team as well as serve as the meeting place where the church at Philippi first gathered. This Biblical Wonder Woman was a business woman in the first-century Roman world who prayed in a prayer house (proseuche) by the water.

Scripture also records LYDIA to be a woman of influence. Everyone in her house was baptized after she heard the word and her heart was opened, she persuaded Paul and his missionary team to stay in her house after the baptism, and she welcomed Paul and Silas back into her home after they had been severely beaten, jailed and released by the city officials. Biblical Wonder Women Have INFLUENCE!

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