3rd Anniversary of “Operating In The Light!”

“Operating In The Light: The Power Of The Process Preceding The Performance Of Purpose” will be 3 Years Old on January 19th! This book looks at processing through the lens of ‘Seasons’ and allows the development processes of various people in scripture to lead us through how to handle – or NOT handle – the seasons we find ourselves in.  The seasons discussed include:

  1. The Season of ObscurityThe Season of Safety Before The Light
  2. The Season of PerseveranceThe Season of Patience Under Pressure
  3. The Season of IdentityThe Season of Knowing Who You Are in the Dark
  4. The Season of TransitionThe Season of Peculiar Promotion
  5. The Season of AnnouncementThe Season of Revealed Glory

The lives and challenges of three people give us insight into each of these seasons and bring us to The Season of Operating in the Light!  The Glory is risen on You!!! Order your copy today!!!

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