Biblical Wonder Woman: SAMARITAN WOMAN

Biblical Wonder Woman: SAMARITAN WOMAN is introduced to us as a woman from the city of Samaria who came to Jacob’s well to draw water. It’s interesting that John 4 opens by telling us that Jesus left Judaea and journeyed to Galilee by way of Samaria. Although the reason for the route He chose was not given in the text, it is clear that it was necessary for Jesus to go through Samaria. He was tired by the time He arrived at Jacob’s well and Scripture records that He sat on the well and waited.

This rejected Gentile, who met the Waiting Savior at Jacob’s well, was seeking natural water. Her desire to meet a vital need drove her to the place of supply, but her desire to avoid the sting of repeated rejection compelled her towards the supply at a time when others were known to not be there. It was in the heat of the day that she pressed her way to what she supposed would be another lonely experience drawing water at the well.

On this day, The Samaritan Woman would meet a man Who would not just change her life, but He would compel her to share her story in a way that would change the lives of many others. She went to the well to get natural water; she left from the well with Living Water. It’s interesting that this Biblical Wonder Woman had spent a portion of her adult life shunning contact with others because of their perception of who she was; however, after an encounter with Jesus, this same woman went running to tell others, “Come, see a man…” She was compelling them towards The One Who told her all about herself! In her past, her story isolated her; in His Presence, her story inspired her to tell others!

Her impact on the people of Samaria is profound. The one whom they had rejected in the past, the one whom they labeled because of their perception of her past, the one whom they had judged because of  her situation and circumstances in her past is the one who invited them to meet The One Who had changed her life – and they immediately accepted her invitation and personally sought out The One she spoke of.

This influential woman initiated a great evangelistic event that began because of her desire to share The Living Water that had blessed her life so richly. Biblical Wonder Women EVANGELIZE! “Give Thanks For Deliverance!– When you’ve had a life-changing experience with God, you will be compelled to gratefulness which will provoke you to share your story and invite others to their own personal experience with Him!

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