Biblical Wonder Woman: RIZPAH

Biblical Wonder Woman: RIZPAH is introduced to us as a daughter, a mother, and a concubine. Her story unfolds in the midst of a famine and climaxes at the beginning of barley harvest. Scripture doesn’t tell us much about this woman; however, we do learn that she is tenacious in her assignment despite the hardships and inconveniences. Rizpah’s experience didn’t happen because she was a difficult daughter, a missing mother, or a careless concubine. Her honorable mention is part of a bigger story.

2 Samuel 21 records God informing King David of the reason for the 3-year famine. “The famine has come because Saul and his family are guilty of murdering the Gibeonites.” (2 Samuel 21:1b) Although the Israelites had sworn not to kill them, King Saul tried his best to wipe them out. He died and David succeeded him, but the guilt of his actions lived on. It was this guilt that interjected Rizpah into the arena. Being the concubine (or lesser wife) of the king and producing two sons for him placed her sons in the direct path of harm’s way. Restitution required their lives as retribution for those whom Saul killed. It was this requirement that propelled Rizpah into the forefront.

Rizpah watched as her two sons, Armoni and Mephibosheth, were taken by the men of Gibeon and executed on the mount of the Lord. (2 Samuel 21:9) The concubine of the king lost her two sons because of the error of the king. These two princes lost their lives because of the error of the king. This was a very public loss that produced a very personal pain.

The beginning of the barley harvest marked the beginning of Rizpah’s vigil. This bereaved mother positioned herself on a rock covered with burlap and kept scavenger birds and wild animals from tearing and eating their bodies. Imagine the diligence required to watchfully protect her son’s bodies throughout the barley harvest. Her diligence is tenacious… just one moment of inattentiveness would have negated all of her previous commitment. No meal breaks, no restroom breaks, no sleep breaks; this was an ongoing assignment that offered no breaks in service.

King David took notice of the Biblical Wonder Woman: Rizpah! It was her act of diligence that provoked his act of dedication. It was this woman’s determination that influenced him to oversee the proper burials of King Saul, his son Jonathan, and the seven sons of Saul who paid the ultimate price to release Israel from the grip of a famine.

Rizpah shows us the dedication of a worshiper.. in standing her ground to protect her assignment, she doesn’t relinquish her post until King David properly resolves the matter. Biblical Wonder Women are DILIGENT! Here’s #aVirtualConversation from “The Relationship Series” titled On Guard from “JobTitle Worshiper: Understanding The Position Of A Worship Leader”.

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