Biblical Wonder Woman: WOMAN IN ADULTERY

Biblical Wonder Woman: WOMAN IN ADULTERY is introduced to us as an interruption during Jesus’ teaching. The Pharisees and scribes, the teachers of religious law, brought her to Jesus to test Him, to trip Him, to trap Him. Leviticus 20:10-12 clearly outlines the penalties for adultery in the culture of that time… both the man and the woman were to be put to death. But scripture says that they brought only the woman.

Although this woman is only identified as ‘caught in adultery’, there are some things we automatically know about her because of the circumstances described in the text. She was obviously not in control of the situation – she was brought by leaders; accused by leaders; exposed by leaders. She was a strong woman… in this moment of great humiliation, we see nothing in scripture about her trying to escape the exposure, deny the allegations or in any way defend herself. In fact, her only recorded words were in response to Jesus’ question concerning the retreat of her accusers. Her bravery in this experience is quite massive.

Imagine her… pulled from the adulterous bed, marched to the temple, and thrown before Jesus in front of a crowd of onlookers. Vulnerable and humiliated; quiet and reserved. As those who had presented her for stoning were “convicted by their own conscience” slipped away one by one, she quietly remained.  It was the short dialogue with Jesus which followed that positioned her for a great deliverance.

Many read this passage and focus on Jesus’ words, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.” (John 8:11b) This Biblical Wonder Woman: WOMAN IN ADULTERY stands heads and shoulders above others because of the bravery she exhibited. When one has been caught in a compromising position, the best place to be is in the presence of Jesus! Although she did not go to Him on her own, she had the presence of mind to stay with Him once she got there. It wasn’t until He told her to go that she went on her way. Bravery in humility presented her with deliverance! Biblical Wonder Women Are BRAVE!


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