It’s All About Relationship!!!

THE RELATIONSHIP SERIES is a 5-book study of scripture that provides insights on living as a disciple of Christ.  Each book walks us through it’s perspective giving the reader thought-provoking insights that challenge our beliefs and expand our understanding.

“The very first man that was began his natural life through an intimate act performed by God. God personally and professionally shaped the dust of the ground into an image that mirrored His image.  He gave a small portion of Himself as He breathed into Adam’s nostrils giving him life.”  (JobTitle Worshiper: Understanding The Position Of Worship Leader) God designed man for Himself and the most important relationship we could ever have is our relationship with Him – it is our Purpose! Our most vital assignment is Relating with Our PURPOSE!

“Hannah had the position, but lacked the ability to produce.  When we find ourselves in our God-ordained positions, but unable to produce, we must trust that God has a plan that He’s working through our current inability.  We must trust that He is allowing the delay for our greater good.” (Operating In The Light: The Power Of The Process Preceding The Performance Of Purpose)  Everything that has a purpose must endure a process. Our callings dictate that we be prepared (pre-pared), that is cut or trimmed beforehand. This cutting, like pruning does for a plant, is a part of the process that empowers us to produce a greater quantity that is of greater quality. Successfully enduring preparation is properly Relating with Our PROCESS!

“Although Rebekah had been waiting quietly for the results of the marriage agreement, she was not confused about what she was to do.  Without hesitation, she responded that she was in agreement with the will of God for her life. ‘… And she said, I will go.’” (A Good Man Is Looking For Me: Recognizing Your God-Ordained Dance Partner) When God’s purpose for us includes a partner, process is doubly vital… As we yield ourselves to Him, He is prepare us for what He is preparing for us!  It is our relationship with God that sustains our obedience to God which positions us in the midst of God’s will.  Our processes prepare each of us for Relating with Our PARTNER!

“Rarely do we initially see a challenge as an opportunity for God’s glory to be manifested through the one who is challenged.  Our first thought is typically that challenge has come to bring pain as a reward for bad behavior.  But Jesus was clear… some things happen not as a result of sin, but as a platform to proclaim God’s power.” (Embrace The Power Of Your Scars: Moving From Painfully Wounded To Powerfully Scarred) When God calls our name in the context of trouble as He did with Job, His glory is always the end goal. The hurts that we survive position us to expand our testimony of God and position others to experience the triumph of God as our testimonies speak of God’s greatness. Our scars become powerful when we allow their testimonies to be heard by Relating with Our PASTS!

Enemies contend for territories or Your PLACE.  They are opposed to where you are or where they perceive you may be going.  Adversaries contend for Your PURPOSE.  The are opposed to your giftings or what you do.  They are assigned to stifle and ultimately kill your potential.  Foes contend for your identity or Your PERSON. They are opposed to who you are Divinely called to be.” (When The Wicked – Enemies, Adversaries and Foes: Understanding The Assignments Of Your Contenders) Being where God intended (PLACE), doing what God intended (PURPOSE) while being who God intended (PERSON), requires maintaining an enduring obedience through a magnitude of be challenges. Recognizing what contends with us is the key to becoming proactive instead of being reactive.

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