The Progress of Assigned Blessings!

I’m following the progress of A Good Man Is Looking For Me on UPS and I had an interesting thought. Follow this – My very first copies of #Book3 were printed and UPS accepted the assignment of carrying and delivering them to me:

A. 4.1.19 at 4:38pm, Fresno, CA, Origin Scan
B. 4.1.19 at 8:42pm, Fresno, CA, Departure Scan 
C. 4.2.19 at 12:17am, Sylmar, CA, Arrival Scan
D. 4.2.19 at 1:33am, Sylmar, CA, Departure Scan
E. 4.4.19 at 6:53am, Hodgkins, IL, Arrival Scan
F. 4.4.19 at 5:41pm, Hodgkins, IL, Departure Scan
G. 4.4.19 at 9:50pm, Indianapolis, IN, Arrival Scan
H. 4.5.19 at 2:02am, Indianapolis, IN, Departure Scan
I. 4.5.19 at 1:52pm, Greensboro, NC, Arrival Scan

What fascinates me most is that once I ordered my author’s copies, there was nothing else for me to do but wait for their scheduled arrival! Although I have no part in transporting them, they are making their way across the country while I go about my other assignments – with assurance that at the appointed time, They Will Arrive!!! While I worshiped at WOW (Worship On Wednesday), while I had a #GiGiPlayDate with my grandson, while I worked my job, while I participated in choir rehearsal, while I attended and participated in morning worship, while I attended a Charlotte District worship and fellowship experience, while I slept, while I ate, while I worked on other assignments, while I went about my every day activities, MY BOOKS WERE PROGRESSING TO THEIR ASSIGNED PLACE!!! They have endured multiple starts and stops, but every move is bringing them closer to their assigned place.

So, I got to thinking… Blessings that God has ordered for my life are going through their assigned processes to get to their assigned place – ME! As I go about my every day activities, they are making their way towards me because God assigned them to my life. I don’t have to see their progress. I don’t have to participate in their progress. I don’t even have to know what their processes entail. But I am assured that because God assigned them to me, they are making their way towards me!!

Deuteronomy 28:2 says, “And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God.” I am hearing God’s voice, heeding God’s direction so I can continue being OVERTAKEN by God’s blessings! #ShowersOfBlessing #EyesHaventSeen

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