Stolen Harvests!

Quote from Operating In The Light: Power Of The Process Preceding The Performance Of Purpose”!

“The Midianites were so successful in their assignment that the Israelites were living in poverty. The Israelites continued to act out the Law of Reciprocity despite the fact that their harvests were continually being stolen. Although they were greatly impoverished, they continued to identify seeds and plant them.”

Everyone understands the principle of sowing and reaping.  We know that when you plant tomatoes, you will not harvest apples… You’re destined to reap tomatoes! But how do you handle it when you sow the seed, and nurture the seedling, but before you can reap the benefit of your sacrifice, your harvest is stolen???

It’s a big deal for one to decide to sacrifice a seed.  Sowing entails letting go of what you have in the present in order to receive greater at some future time.  That release requires a decision to relinquish the seed; a commitment to work – the act of planting; and then it requires care – the art of nurturing.  At the appointed time, we expect to receive the fruit of our labor. But sometimes we find ourselves in the same predicament that the Israelites were in – experiencing repeated stolen harvests.  What do you do when you keep coming up short when it’s time to reap?

Sowing is an act of faith! The Israelites must have recognized that there was nothing wrong with their seed, there was nothing wrong with the soil they were sowing into, there was nothing wrong with the nurturing they were providing their seedlings – so they continued to SOW IN FAITH knowing that God had guaranteed them a harvest!  They were so sure in their faith that even in their lack they continued to identify seeds, they continued to plant seeds, they continued to nurture seedlings and they continued to prepare to reap the harvests from their seeds. With consistent faith acts, God rewarded them with divine assistance and they were finally the recipients of the promised harvests.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same repetitive predicaments as the Israelites and we wonder what we may have done differently that will produce a different result.  God’s word is clear: HE Will Not Be Mocked; Whatsoever A Man Sows, That Will He Also Reap!  (Galatians 6:7)  As long as the earth remains, God has guaranteed us a harvest. When we Act in Faith, know that He will Respond in Favor!

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